Back in the ancient times before the rise of Google, it used to be customary for people to put a “links” page on their personal website in order to direct traffic to some of their favorite pages. Though the practice is less common nowadays, I believe it is still useful for giving people a general portrait of various tidbits of information I find useful.

And let’s face it, this is my own website. I can do whatever the heck I want!

I have done my best to organize these by category, but I suspect maintaining this page will become more difficult over time as I discover more things that I like.

Instant Communication

The Matrix Project HomepageMatrix is the next Generation open-source messaging protocol. It is designed to be a competitor to Discord, Slack, telegram, WhatsApp, Etc. It is free, open source, and simply one of the best communication protocols out there. Not that I’m biased or anything!
Element ChatThe Matrix protocol itself is just a messaging standard, so you need a client to communicate on any Matrix Network. Element is the most popular of these.

Internet Culture

The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet This is a difficult one to describe. Put simply, it’s a theory that the internet is bifurcated into two separate places. On the one side you have the public internet consisting of the major social media networks which constitutes a “ dark forest” and another series of loosely interconnected walled gardens called “The Cozy Web”. The dark forest is open and visible to everybody, and that is what makes it scary. But in the confines of the cozy web, people have more freedom to be themselves. Or at least, so the theory goes.
A Video Essay About The Dark Forest Theory A 15 minute video summary of the Dark Forest Theory, for those interested in a more digestible form.
The “Dead Internet” TheoryClosely Resembling The Dark Forest, This video essay explores why The internet feels more bland than it used to.