In which I try to describe Love

A redditor on r/love asked what romantic love felt like.
Here is my best attempt to put the feeling into words.
I’m curious to hear your opinions of how I did.

As to the sensation of being in love? Well, It’s a bit like describing color to a blind person. But I will try.

Have you ever heard an amazing song in passing and been immediately captivated by what you heard? So much so that you immediately rush out and buy it? Have you ever listened to that song so much that you feel every downbeat and every can hum counter-harmony? Has that song ever invaded your dreams? Have you ever felt it well up in the recesses of your mind at totally awkward moments? Can you hum it with no effort at all?

If you can relate to this experience, that is exactly what romantic love feels like. A slower burn would be like having a song that you ignore at first, but hear everywhere, until the same process ignites. It’s a high, a heady rush, but like the song that won’t leave your head, unfulfilled love can become a nagging itch that won’t go away.

A reply from me to Reddit